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Connect and Thrive Therapeutic Services

We are a team of passionate health professionals who previously worked together at the Queensland Government's Disability Services. We have a strong belief in providing holistic, attachment focused and strengths based intervention. We aim to value the unique gifts and talents of the  individuals, families and care teams we support. 

Registered NDIS and Medicare Provider

Registered NDIS provider for:


  • Specialist Behaviour Support (Improved Relationships)

  • Early Childhood Intervention Services

  • Therapeutic Supports (Improved Daily Living)

Meet The Team:

Meet The Team


Rowena Woolley, Director, Psychologist & Principal Behaviour Support Practitioner

Rowena Woolley, B PsySc (Hons); B Bus (HRM) has been practicing as a registered Psychologist for over 15 years. Rowena is the owner and Principal Clinician of Connect and Thrive Psychology.  She works with children, adolescents, and adults and has extensive experience providing services to people who have a disability, behaviour difficulties, complex trauma and mental health concerns. Rowena has experience treating a range of different childhood presentations and conditions. She is also interested in working with adults in areas such as adjustment/life transitions, depression or anxiety. She has extensive experience working in the disability sector providing psychology and behaviour support services to clients across the lifespan. She has a passion for working with people who have a dual disability. 

Wendy Hewetson, Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner

Wendy is a Registered Accredited Social Worker and Registered NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner who has provided therapeutic and behaviour support services in the homeless, mental health, and disability sectors in Canada and Australia since 2006. This includes Queensland government roles providing Specialist Behaviour Support Interventions to children, young people, and adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder engaging in behaviours of harm, and Specialist Mental Health Services to children and young people in out of home care on child protection orders who experienced complex developmental trauma, severe and complex mental health needs, and engage in behaviours of harm. Wendy's work for the QLD government and in Canada included managing accommodation support and respite services, and clinical services for children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities, some of whom required intensive behaviour support services. Wendy uses a triadic systemic approach when supporting people with complex mental health and behaviour concerns. What this means is that she works closely with the person and their care team, in particular their primary carers, to understand why the person engages in behaviours of harm and then collaborates with the carer and other therapists to develop strategies to proactively meet the person's needs. These interventions increase the person's quality of life; increase participation in meaningful activities at home and in the community; improve relationships; assist with the regulation of emotions, attention, and arousal levels; support skill development; provide planned crisis responses to maintain safety; reduce the need for and ensure the least restrictive practices; and reduce or eliminate behaviours of harm. Wendy uses a holistic interdisciplinary and collaborative approach with a strong focus on understanding life span development and stages; attachment and relationships, trauma, and polyvagal theories; neurobiology and health; trauma-informed and neuro-affirmative positive behaviour support, collaborative problem solving, and low arousal approaches. Her work is strengths-based, person-centred, and trauma-informed, with a strong focus on carer support. Wendy works directly with families under NDIS Capacity Building Early Childhood and Improved Daily Living funding, and with families and care teams under NDIS Capacity Building Specialist Behavioural Support Interventions where more intensive behaviour support and a Positive Behaviour Support Plan are required to meet legislative requirements for registered NDIS service providers.


Ellisa Harrison, Provisional Psychologist & Behaviour Support Practitioner

Ellisa Harrison is a behavioural therapist and provisional psychologist passionate about providing quality therapeutic services. With knowledge and experience supporting individuals, families, schools and communities, Ellisa understands the importance of building positive connections and relationships. Ellisa is a neuro-affirming therapist interested in partnering with those with developmental or psychosocial diversities including mental health, Autism, Down Syndrome, and disabilities. She utilises play-based, and age-appropriate therapies to provide Positive Behaviour Support that is person-centred. Ellisa is available for psychological and developmental assessment.

Michelle Perry-Cross, Early Childhood Intervention and Behaviour Support Practitioner

Michelle has over 20 years' experience working with children in the both the early childhood and education sectors and as a behaviour therapist. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood, a Bachelor of Education (APD – Special Education Major) and a Graduate Certificate ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). Passionate about keeping up with the latest research she is currently completing her Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies where she regularly engages with her autistic colleagues around neurodiverse centred practices. As a therapist Michelle has a particular interest in working in the early intervention space with young children and their families. She is committed to delivering therapy for children and their families that is based in neuro-affirming practice, her therapy approach has a strengths-based, play centred focus where the child’s interests are valued. Michelle looks at Autism through a social model lens and ensures her therapy approach is always child centred. Michelle has a particular passion for advocating for inclusive education for all children and supporting families on their journey from diagnosis through to school readiness and beyond.


Jackson Lo, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Jackson is a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner that has over 9 years of experience working various roles within the disability sector. He holds an Honours Degree in Psychological Science and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis. As a therapist Jackson has experience working with all age-groups, however a particular interest in teenagers and young adults with Autism and ADHD. Jackson has a strong interest in working with clients that are non-speaking and has developed a strong skillset around utilising Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices in his approach to Positive Behaviour Support. Jackson is committed to a therapeutic process that is strength-based in neuro-affirming practice, where the person’s interests, goals and aspirations are valued. Jackson believes in inclusive education and inclusive work-forces and has worked closely with his clients and their families in transitioning clients to mainstream schooling, and employment.

Chloe Brewer

As a registered psychologist and Behaviour Support Practitioner, Chloe has a strong investment in supporting others to achieve their full potential. With a diverse range of knowledge and skills acquired through experience within Disability, Child Protection, Education, and Community Service industries, Chloe provides assessment and intervention utilising an eclectic approach that incorporates evidence based practice with individual and unique person-specific needs. Chloe's ability to adapt to the learning and communication style of her client/s allows her to provide therapeutic support to a range of demographics within a number of different environments including the Connect and Thrive farm, office based sessions, school visits, and home appointments. While seeking to empower individuals, Chloe also recognises the value of building the capacity of the individuals support system, ensuring generalisation of knowledge and skills beyond the therapeutic environment. Chloe's lived experience and commitment to professional development provide a sense of safety and understanding, while she respects that nobody knows the individual better than themselves, ensuring client-centred, solution-focused, strengths based outcomes.


Kerry Horan, Administration Officer

Kerry Horan has over 27 years of office experience in Administrative and Co-ordinator roles. 

Kerry provides

support in the day-to- day administrative, financial, and operational functions. 

She is proficient in Graphical and Data Analysis. With her pleasant, friendly, and professional Manner, she loves working with this team of very passionate practitioners.

Kerry prides herself with being very organised and takes pride in being a reliable resource to Connect and Thrive.

Joel Bobardt, Head Group Facilitator & Client Liaison

Joel is a science-based mindfulness practitioner with over 4 years of breathwork experience, working with both, adults and children. 

Joel spends much of his spare time working with our horses, caring for them, training them, connecting with them and riding them in which much of it he uses in our group programs. 

He is ex-army, joining the ADF as a rifleman, leaving in 2018 and has since dedicated his life to helping people through mental health, and developing some great life skills. 

Using his experience in mindfulness, horsemanship, and military/survival skills, and calm persona, Joel assists in running some incredibly powerful group programs for adults and children.


Teena Woodall, Equine Therapy Counsellor

Teena holds a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Diploma in Counselling and is an accredited practitioner with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI), with specialised training in addictions and trauma, she is also accredited with Horse Safety Australia, and adheres to their horse safety principles. Teena is passionate in supporting both her clients and horses, her approach offers a professional, yet relaxed environment where clients become aware of how they are experiencing their current life challenges, with a focus on deepening self-awareness, and where necessary making changes to heal from unfinished business. Teena works with both children and adults, specialising in cPTSD, trauma, Internal family systems, somatic awareness, anxiety, depression, and addictions. Teena has worked with Australia Defence force veterans over a four-year period, co-facilitating various 4 x day equine program. Additionally, Teena has also run various one day workshops for women who have experienced Domestic Violence, corporate workshops focussing on team work and leadership, and, most recently running 6 terms of 10 week (2hr) equine program for Youth at Risk (>108 youth).

Our Furry Team

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Meet our team of friendly farm animals at our Maudsland clinic location

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