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Group Programs

Designed for Children and Adults 

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Kids Country After School Program

6-12 Years

Our Kids Country Program has been designed for children to connect to themselves, to others, and to the earth. With those focuses in mind, we really focus on building social skills and meeting new friends, along with self-regulation and how to control our emotions through various strategies.


Through our 8 week program, we cover:

- Mindfulness (Breathwork, grounding, connecting to self)

- Rewilding (growing vegetables, raising chickens, etc)

- Survival Skills (navigation, peripherals, building structures)

- Social skills (Team building games and activities)

- Horsemanship & Liberty (advanced and beginners available)

8 Week Program (Term to Term)

This program runs on Monday's and Tuesday's - 4pm-5:15pm

Teen Liberty Connection Program

13-16 Years

Our Liberty Connection Program is one-of-a-kind. This program is filled with mindfulness connection with our horses and each other. We use horses as our way of learning more about ourselves and others. During this program, not only do we really connect, but we use natural horsemanship skills to embrace kindness. 

What's included:

- Learning how to connect with horses at liberty

- Arts and crafts alongside the horses (painting, crafting, etc)

- Learn some fundamental techniques in Liberty

- Learn some powerful mindfulness strategies to connect back to self and to regulate our emotions

- Build new friendships with others

- Care for our farm animals

8 Week program 

This program runs Mondays from 4:00pm - 5:15pm (Term-to-term)

Hydroponic Vegetable

DIY Self-Sustainable Projects After School Program

8-12 years & 12-15 Years

There are many ways that we can help regulate our emotions. Sometimes, we can 'do' things to help regulate our emotions. This program has been designed to help kids build things to regulate their emotions. We build self-sustainable, interesting projects that really engage with the kids. 

What this program includes:

- Building self-sustainable projects

- Tool handling

- Social skills

- Survival skill projects

- Self-regulation

8 Week program (Term to term)

This program runs Wednesday's and Friday's 4:00pm - 5:15pm

Adult NDIS Farm Day

18+ Years

Our adults NDIS Farm Day is to assist participants in connecting and caring for our animals, which has been shown to be very therapeutic. In  this program, we also develop some incredible life skills, learning how to maintain a farm, care for animals, and develop skills in building children's structures & activities for our kids programs. 

These programs do require support workers to attend also.

- Feeding the animals

- Maintaning animal areas

- Working the ponies & horses (leading)

- Brushing & Grooming the ponies and horses

- Watering our gardens and harvesting our veggies

- Collecting the chicken eggs

Every week on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30am - 11am

Tending Plants
Horse Whisperer

Kids Country Club Program

6-12 Years


Veterans Group Program

Adults 18+


Dog Owner
Girl with Horse

Equine-Assisted Learning Group Program

Programs for groups - Ages vary


Boundaries and Healthy Relationships

Adult men

This program aims to assist with developing awareness regarding different levels of relationships and closeness as well as recognising appropriate social boundaries to support healthy relationships with others.

As herd animals, horses are orientated towards connection and relationship. All horses are unique with their individual personalities and ways of interacting. They often clearly communicate their boundaries with others and as such, they provide great experiential learning opportunities to explore relationship, expression, and boundaries in a safe and fun way. This program will incorporate experiential learning activities with the horses and ponies to support learning of relationship boundaries and social skills.


The following will be covered:

-       Learning about different levels of relationships and different expectations regarding social behaviour.

-       Becoming aware of other people’s talk and touch boundaries.

-       Recognise nonverbal and verbal cues in others.

-       Recognising personal boundaries and learning ways to communicate this with others.

Practical strategies and support will be provided to each participants support team to continue the learning in other environments. 

Programs run as per group bookings.

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