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Connect and Thrive Therapeutic Services

We are a team of passionate health professionals who previously worked together at the Queensland Government's Disability Services. We have a strong belief in providing holistic, attachment focused and strengths based intervention. We aim to value the unique gifts and talents of the  individuals, families and care teams we support. 


Positive Behaviour Support is an evidenced-based approach that focuses on increasing a person's quality of life as well as reducing behaviours of concern. It usually involves an in-depth functional assessment that includes observations across settings, review of specific incidents, getting to know and understand the person and their support team.


Within Connect and Thrive Therapeutic Services, we have an experienced team of professionals in multiple areas of therapy, ranging from Counselling, Psychology, Behaviour Support and ADOS assessments. We can come to you, via zoom, or from our premises in Maudsland.


Equine-Assisted Therapy is a unique opportunity for those who are looking for an alternative way of therapy or for those who aren't responding well to traditional psychology.


Our farm-based group programs have been carefully designed for a specific outcome. This ranges from Social Skills, Emotional Regulation, Animal-Assisted Learning, Mindfulness, Therapeutic benefits of Animal-Assisted Intervention and much more.

Child at Psychologist

We are now

Taking New Clients

We have spaces for the following services:

- Behaviour Support

- Psychological Assessments (Including Autism Assessments)

- Equine Therapy

- Term 2 After School Programs

- Adult Programs

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