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the ultimate horse & farm kids retreat

Join us for a magical day of connection with our majestic horses & ponies, forging lifetime friendships with the animals and others.

Welcome to Kids Country

what's included:


Learn the basics of horsemanship, building confidence on the ground. We learn how to halter, lead, catch in the paddock and build a deeper connection with horses. 

Building trust and connection with our horses is important. We use basic liberty (off-lead) techniques to connect and build trust. We learn how to do circles, and 'dance' with our horses. 


Being outdoors on the farm is priceless. We indulge in some amazing team-based activities such as capture the flag, scavenger hunts, navigation, and much more...

Adventure Fun

From building natural clay structures, painting, to building small outdoor DIY projects, we use this to connect to ourselves and to others. We also plant, harvest and grow veggies in the Kids Country Veggie Patch.

DIY Crafts

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